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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Personal Opinion about PPT 254

In my opinion ,subject of e-commerce should be studied because it will,helps the student to learn a lot of about the business through the internet. Otherwise, the students mind will be more developed in line with current technology.

advantage: Electronic commerce gives the customers the opportunity to look for cheaper and quality products. With the help of e-commerce, consumers can easily research on a specific product and sometimes even find out the original manufacturer to purchase a product at a much cheaper price than that charged by the wholesaler.

my future: helps student to be more effective in their daily life because in future maybe the communication are using the internet overally.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Cutest Cat Moments

cute kitte part 2..hahahaha..so funny..

Surprised Kitty (Original)

cute kitty...hahaha... so cute...

Photo Of Graphic Design Personal Interested

Dance Art..

Break Dance Graphic

                                                       My fav movie Graphic Design part 1

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e-bay for people...

Interesting About E-commerce

It is no wonder why so many are choosing to set up e-commerce home based businesses versus traditional ones in today’s market. It is easy to see the vast difference in upfront financial obligations of the latter. The potential for success, , beyond weighing the risk of traditional businesses is far higher with new business ideas online. Considering the large number of global consumers now shopping for their goods and services online, it is a wise choice to be where the market is.
In comparison to online Associate businesses, traditional types are really risky, especially when not ever knowing how the economy with turn in a small sector. The failure rate is horrific, even after extreme time and financial investments leaving nothing to fall back on. Often the outcome is sealed with a bankruptcy.
Establishing an online business will take some effort and work, yet they are far more flexible. The need for a huge financial investment is removed as well. Many associate programs cost little to no investment at all. Depending on the type chosen, it could just be about creating a store, writing reviews, and time social marketing. Schedules can be created according to availability, yet it is important to remember the one cannot expect to get results without any effort. Online opportunities also completely expand the client potential to a global level, where there is a lesser risk of small sectors economic struggles.
Known to many in the internet world of e-commerce opportunities are eBay, Amazon, and Google. These companies have created a solid reputation in online business and offer a wide range of varied opportunities. There are however, others that are increasing up and coming to stand at this level.
Businesses and individuals have long since relied upon Google structures for earning potential online. Many are quite successful.
Amazon has divisions in a couple different countries with the opportunities of becoming an affiliate marketer or creating your own online store with their products and earning commissions on the items sold. A great perk with Amazon is that when a potential customer clicks on a link; say for a wine basket, they could end up buying a whole list of very expensive items through that visit and the affiliate will receive a commission on every item, even if the item clicked to enter shopping is not purchased.
The most popular auction site known so far is eBay. The sites revenue has been calculated to a couple billion in a year’s time, which just goes to show how successful they are. With that success, is the awesome earning potential for eBay associates. This site is designed for making bids on items. There is typically a minimum bid to make and the prices increase with each bid placed. The person with the highest bid in the auctioning time allotted is the one who claims the purchase. Associates are known to sell personal items, antiques, or really anything imaginable can be found on eBay – new or used.
A site quickly on the up swing, and climbing fast to the ranks of eBay, many know as DubLi. This network is quite similar to eBay in the sense of being an auction site, yet is completely different and on the leading edge of being the first global portal for trading with a focus on leading major brand names. Another contrast is the means in which bidding is performed. With DubLi, each time a bid is placed the price becomes lower. The associate whose network the shopper belongs is credited for each bid, not just for sales. This term is referred to as “reverse auctioning.” It has been said that the formulation of this networks style of e-commerce is unique and quickly plunging into the large markets on a global level. This associate network shows a very appealing and successful path for new business ideas online.